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The Knickers Philsophy

Hello, I'm Squash

I believe I was born on a lucky and brilliant day because I’m a naturally happy and very positive person, however, on that day I also believe someone said, let’s have a laugh and remove the part of the brain that says, “you mustn’t do that, it’s impossible”…

From a young age I was leaping from trees and swinging out of the barn on the farm I grew up on.  Fear didn’t make an appearance in my life until I was three years old and I was attacked by a cockerel, I’ve been scared of birds ever since.  That aside, I’ve always had an insatiable spirit for adventure.

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Squash Falconer

Jumping off Everest

At the end of March 2011 I am going to Nepal.  I’m going to be co-leading an expedition to climb Mount Everest.  At 8,848m it is the highest mountain in the world.  Not only will I be attempting to summit the peak I will also be taking my paraglider with the intention of flying from the summit…

I am aiming to become the first woman in the world to solo pilot a paraglider from the top of Mt Everest.

Now why on earth would I want to do that??...  There are a couple of answers; a short one and a long one.

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The Countdown


Keep an eye on the countdown until the big day! On the 1st April I will be leaving Kathmandu in Nepal to fly to Lukla, from there the ascent begins!


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Latest News

News and Radio

Updated: 20.01.2011

I went along to have a chat with Phil Trow on BBC Radio Derby about the expedition, you can hear it here ...and BBC 1 did this news item about the trip, you can see it here

RAB to support the expedition

Updated: 20.01.2011

I'm delighted to be working with RAB on the up and coming expedition. RAB are a top quality brand and their products will be keeping me warm high up on the mountain! www.rab.uk.com

New Sponsors

Updated: 12.01.2011

I am really happy to announce that both Salomon and Suunto are onboard!!  Both are brands that I have enjoyed using over the years and I'm excited about trying and reviewing new kit.  www.suunto.com  ...The reviews will start to appear in the coming weeks... www.salomon.com


Squash is utterly delighted to be working with the following companies - representing them, testing and reviewing their kit and enjoying using it!

Salomon Salomon RAB Warmawear